As advertising agency of record for the Nuclear Energy Institute, S&H promotes the environmental benefits, safety and efficiency of nuclear energy.
S&H played a key role in persuading Congress to open long distance markets to competition from local telephone companies.
Our work for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids helped preserve an FDA-Rule prohibiting the tobacco companies from marketing to children.
For the first time in over 30 years the NRC has approved construction of a new nuclear plant, the AP1000 reactor made by Westinghouse, an S&H client.
S&H helped win the campaign for public approval of a new stadium in Arizona which hosted the 2008 Super Bowl and is scheduled to host the Super Bowl again in 2015.
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John J. Rhodes – Man of the House

By S&H CEO, J. Brian Smith

S&H CEO Jay Smith has written a critically acclaimed biography about the late U.S. Congressman John J. Rhodes (R-AZ).

John J. Rhodes: Man of the House (Primer Publishers, 2005) is the story of a Kansan who, in 1952, became the first Republican elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in Arizona history, where he served for thirty years.

From 1973-1980, Rhodes was House Minority Leader during the historic effort to impeach President Richard Nixon. He also chaired two Republican National Conventions (1976, 1980).

Jay Smith served as Rhodes’s press secretary during the turbulent Watergate period and maintained an extensive diary containing some information never before revealed.

The book was one of three finalists in the 2006 Benjamin Franklin Awards competition in the category Best New Voice (Nonfiction).


“This is the story of one of the Republican Party’s true heroes.”

Bob Woodward
Best-selling author

“This book is a model of political biography – – a welcome reminder that decency is not incompatible with a long and useful career in public service.”

David S. Broder
The Washington Post

“Everyone respected John Rhodes, on both sides of the aisle, and he returned that respect.  He represented the best of American politics. Now Jay Smith has lovingly drawn a portrait of an extraordinary man and an extraordinary politician. Anyone who cares for Congress should read this book.”

Dr. Norman Ornstein
Congressional Scholar

“Jay Smith…reminds us of a time when politics was not the blood sport it has sadly become.”

Hon. John McCain
U.S. Senator


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