As advertising agency of record for the Nuclear Energy Institute, S&H promotes the environmental benefits, safety and efficiency of nuclear energy.
S&H played a key role in persuading Congress to open long distance markets to competition from local telephone companies.
Our work for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids helped preserve an FDA-Rule prohibiting the tobacco companies from marketing to children.
For the first time in over 30 years the NRC has approved construction of a new nuclear plant, the AP1000 reactor made by Westinghouse, an S&H client.
S&H helped win the campaign for public approval of a new stadium in Arizona which hosted the 2008 Super Bowl and is scheduled to host the Super Bowl again in 2015.
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[Smith & Harroff is among the] “Best of the best.”
The Hill

Identifying the most effective message, reaching the right audiences and working with the media can be daunting communications tasks. Positive results are most often achieved through research, careful and skillful strategic planning, effective program execution, and experience. For three decades, such an “integrated approach” to corporate problem solving has been the hallmark of Smith & Harroff (S&H). According to The Holmes Report–PR Agency Report Card, ours is an approach to business that “tends to attract clients who want a high-powered, full-service approach to solving public policy and other challenges, but who don’t want to get lost at a larger firm.” The Holmes Report continued: “S&H typically competes for new business with agencies many times its size. It wins in part because of its exclusive focus on public affairs, in part because its senior staff have years of experience working critical policy issues, and in part because it makes it a matter of policy that everyone who participates in a new business presentation also works on the client’s business – no bait and switch here.” These are but some of the reasons that for two years consecutively – 2004 and 2003 – The Hill newspaper selected S&H as among Metropolitan Washington, D.C.’s “Best of the best” public affairs PR firms, “the ones that move opinion and in some cases move mountains.” Whether your organization is trying to move public opinion, impact a legislative or regulatory issue or improve its communications in general, S&H has the expertise and resources to assist your efforts. We hope that you will find the information contained on our website helpful and invite you to contact us or visit our office in Alexandria, Virginia to learn more about how S&H can help you.

Energy Policy

by Rick Morris February 20, 2013

Instead of a national energy policy from our government we are getting short-term thinking and partisan politics. Neither of which is a substitute for a long-range energy policy that is comprehensive, good for the environment and does not negatively impact the economy. President Obama’s pick to head the EPA, Gina McCarthy, is interesting. She is […]

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Less Talk, More Action is Needed to Solve Nuclear Waste Disposal Issue

by Casey Ratlief August 7, 2012

The past year has brought several events that have changed the course of the nuclear industry in the United States; events like Fukushima have been very traumatic. While others, like the announcing of new reactors being built in South Carolina and Georgia have shown that the nuclear industry is still moving onward and upward. Another […]

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